Interactive Murder Mysteries

  • Gambler’s Luck- (Old West theme) Jack is returning to Sal’s saloon after being away for two years. Unfortunately, his reputation proceeds him and several of his enemies are at Sal’s, too. Which one hired the killer?

  • Done in Down Under- (Australian theme) It’s a perfect day for a riverboat tour in Australia and your captain “Sharkie” Markie will point out all the sites and unique animals, including the crocs. But to whom does the shredded hat in the water belong? Detective Tommie will find out!

  • Fredrick & Maude: A New Hobby- (dinner party theme) Fredrick and Maude absolutely adore their friends and havng dinner parties and showing off their new hobby--sleuthing! What a lovely way to start a new hobby by having to use it when someone drops dead in their dining room. 

  • Fredrick & Maude: Mistletoe is Poisonous- (Christmas dinner party theme) Fredrick & Maude are entertaining again. Their friends have all come: Everett, who doesn’t like parties; Mary, who has 19 years more sleuthing experience than Fredrick and Maude; Eddie, whose annual gala no one attended; Chris, whose concert no one attended; and Holly, who has a bill for everyone. One of these friends was angry enough to slip mistletoe in the water.

  •  Incident on the Sea Breeze- (cruise theme) Amy Buoyante, your cheerful activities director, has a special treat for you in the Zephyr lounge. Bob Clipper, your cruise director, will be on hand to help. The arsenic must have been a special order.

  • North Pole Heist- (Christmas theme) Santa’s sleigh is missing. Evergreen is sure Tinsel took it. Tinsel thinks Evergreen took it. But then again, Snow, or Yule could have taken it, too. (yes, this show is for adults; many an audience has enjoyed the yuletide fun.) 

  • Pigs, Pineapple & Poison- (Luau theme) What a great guy that Jake is! And he’ll be the first to admit it. He’s done so much for company morale including planning a fantastic employee party (with a little help from his assistant, Maggie). The death scene was cool, too. Uh, was that part of the entertainment?

  • A Stone's Throw- (modern-day castle theme) Welcome to the Fhips Castle VIP tour. Duncan, the butler, and Harriet, the maid, will keep you apprised of the evening’s agenda, until the Master arrives to guide the tour, personally. But where is he?

  • The Wakt Family Reunion- (reunion theme) Rose has it all under control, right down to the agenda she printed up. But upon discovering the death of Great Uncle Fred, Rose skips to new business and someone in the family is going to have to confess or the festivities end!